Is that how you play Rengar?  I’ve been doing it wrong all this time!

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Hello, I've been looking through your blog and am curious, do you know if Riot gives summoners with inappropriate name reports a free name change or changes it for them to something randomly generated (Like summoner12345), or is it up to them to get the RP or IP for it? I was asking because I know its very expensive to change your name in league.

If you open a ticket with player support, you will be allowed to choose a new, appropriate summoner name without paying the cost. This only applies to Summoners whose names have been deemed inappropriate and changed to a “Tempname.”

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"Derpy Dlck"

too Derpy for them to handle, it seems!

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Hey, do you know when the tribunal will be open again?

Hello! The Tribunal isn’t “closed”, but rather, processing cases slower than normal. When you see the “Tribunal in Recess” screen, there really are no more cases available to judge. Here’s a post by Keyru (a Player Behavior Specialist at Riot Games) that might help explain a bit more:

The Tribunal is currently generating 25% of the normal cases to be judged. Our Devs are looking and working on getting a fix on this ASAP. I would suggest to continue reporting as normal as they will still register through our system and get tallied in the Tribunal. Negative players are getting punished but waiting in line for their case to be generated. Any and all reports made during this time will count against them in the future once the system is back up to normal speed.

As posted a before by Captain50, there is a forum thread that is currently holding this discussion as well with Red responses.

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Hello friends!

How’s it going, honorable ones? I’ve been away for a while and I bet you’re wondering what’s going on (or maybe you’re not…in which case you should probably stop reading now)…

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He really doesn’t have any friends…